Packing Your Living/Family Room

Packing tips for your move

Room Mirrors And Pictures

  • Small mirrors and pictures can be wrapped and placed upright in regular cartons with other goods. Make sure you have crumpled paper surrounding the items to protect them. Also, if the carton contains glass, mark the outside of the carton appropriately. Picture hooks and other mounting hardware should be removed and packed in plastic bags.
  • Some pictures and mirrors may be a little too large to fit in regular cartons. In this case, you may need to create a mirror carton to fit them:
  • Select a carton that is larger than your picture or mirror when it is opened at both ends. Open the bottom of the carton and flatten the carton.
  • Seal one of the open ends with packing tape.
  • Spread out several sheets of paper so that the paper is about twice as wide as your picture/mirror.
  • Place your picture/mirror face down on the paper.
  • Wrap the item in the paper in the same manner as you might wrap a gift box, making sure that the entire item is covered. Tape and seal all areas where the paper overlaps.
  • Slide the picture/mirror into the unsealed side of your carton and seal the end with tape.
  • Extremely large pictures or mirrors should be packed by your mover in specially designed mirror or picture cartons.

Packing Lamp Shades

  • Lamp shades can be very expensive and easily damaged; therefore, extra care should be taken.
  • Use a sturdy carton which is a little bigger than the largest shade and line it with paper. In addition, put crumpled paper under the shade to further protect it. Do not put paper around the shade.
  • A smaller shade can be placed inside a larger one as long as they do not touch. NOTE: If the material the shade is made of stretches, you should not put more than one in a carton.
  • Do not pack any other items with your shades. Make sure you mark the cartons “LAMP SHADES – FRAGILE – TOP LOAD ONLY.”

Packing Lamp Bases

  • Remove the light bulb and lamp harp. These should be wrapped and packed separately.
  • Use a sturdy carton which is lined with several inches of crumpled paper.
  • Spread several sheets of paper out and place the lamp base in the center of the paper.
  • Roll the paper around your lamp and tuck in the end of the paper at the base of the lamp.
  • Tape the end and seal any seams.
  • Place the lamp base in the carton. Additional lamps may be packed in the same carton; however, cushion each one with crumpled paper.
  • Mark the carton “LAMPS – FRAGILE.”

Packing Audio Equipment

  • If possible and if they are in good shape, use the original boxes that your audio equipment came in when you purchased the item. If this is not possible,
    use sturdy cartons.
  • Most CD or DVD players have transport screws (normally located on the back of the unit) which should be tightened.
  • Turntables often have locks to hold the tone arm in place. Also, tighten the appropriate screws to secure the platter. If you are unsure where these screws are, check your owner’s manual.
  • Remotes can be padded and packed with your audio equipment. You can also pack all your remotes in a separate, clearly marked carton.

Packing Computer Equipment

Refer to our Moving Guide, “Packing Your Computer,” for
detailed instructions.

Packing Books

  • Books should be packed together in small cartons.
  • Pack books flat or with the spine facing down.
  • High-value books should be individually wrapped before placing in cartons.

Packing Artificial Flower Arrangements

  • Wrap each arrangement in tissue paper or paper towels.
  • Place in individual cartons.
  • Fill any open spaces in the carton with crumpled paper.
  • Mark the carton “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP.”

Packing Draperies And Curtains

  • The ideal carton for these items is a wardrobe carton. You can place them on a padded hanger and hang in the wardrobe carton.
  • If you do not have a wardrobe carton, line a large carton with paper or plastic wrap and place folded draperies and curtains in it.
  • Curtain rods should be removed, wrapped, and placed in cartons. For long rods, you may need to secure two cartons together. Hardware should be put in plastic bags and packed with the rods.

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