Packing Your Bedroom and Garage

Packing tips for your move

Packing Your Bedroom Packing Clothing and Shoes

  • Clothing hanging in closets can be left on hangers and hung in wardrobe cartons.
  • If wardrobe cartons are not available, clothing should be removed from hangers, folded, and placed in a carton lined with paper. Suitcases can also be used.
  • If available, hats should be left in hatboxes and packed in large cartons. If hatboxes are not available, stuff the hat with crumpled paper, wrap the hat loosely with paper, and place in a carton lined with paper. Make sure you mark the carton “FRAGILE.”
  • If shoeboxes are available, leave your shoes in them and pack in large cartons. If not, wrap the shoes individually or in pairs. Make sure you cushion your shoes with crumpled paper to prevent damage.

Packing Linens And Pillows

  • Make sure your linens (towels, sheets, blankets, etc.) and pillows are thoroughly dry before you pack them.
  • Put these items in plastic bags and place in cartons lined with paper.

Packing Your Garage/Storage Area

  • Before you start, dispose of any item which cannot be transported
    see DO NOT PACK!
  • Then, sort your items into groups of similar shapes or sizes.
  • Securely bundle together all long-handled items (i.e., brooms, rakes, shovels). These items do not have to go into cartons.
  • Items can be left in tool boxes. Fill in any voids with crumpled paper. Make sure the tool box is securely fastened.
  • Remove any attachments from power tools and pack separately. Wrap and tape any sharp edges with extra paper or old towels.
  • Trash cans should be cleaned and dried thoroughly

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  • All American Moving WILL NOT move any WEAPONS or HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. This includes items such as the propane tank on outdoor grills, gasoline for your lawnmower, etc.
  • Please designate ONE person to make final decisions during the move, while All American Moving will designate one member of the crew to act in the same capacity.