Computer and Electronics Moving

We Safely Move High Value Electronics – PCs, Data Centers, and More!

What separates All American Moving, Storage and Delivery from the competition in Columbus and Central Ohio? Along with air-ride transportation, the biggest point is our exclusive “CompuCare” system of moving computers and electronics. All-American is the only company in town to utilize this technology.

Moving staff utilizing “CompuCare” technology on electronic components

Moving staff utilizing “CompuCare” technology on electronic components

We take care to protect the equipment vital to your business

Handling Electronics With Care

Unlike our competition, All American DOES NOT use moving pads when relocating electronics, because moving pads carry a tremendous amount of dust and particles which can get into your intake vents, causing your electronics to malfunction or not power-up. Most moving companies will not take responsibility for this event, claiming there was no external damage to the unit – “How did we know it even worked before we moved it?”.

All American removes the possibility of this ever occurring with our exclusive process. Your computers are your business – don’t put your business in the hands of just anybody.

Please call us for a demonstration of our exclusive “CompuCare” relocation system!
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